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What is Resté Getaway For Women?

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For Your Dreams with Once-In-A-Lifetime

Luxury Vacations

For WOMEN Only!

RESTÉ GETAWAYS FOR WOMEN are custom curated luxury inclusive vacations created for women by women!

Once-in-a-lifetime may seem a bit cliché, however we mean it in the most literal sense as we visit each getaway destination ONE TIME ONLY! There are too many incredible places to see in this big world to keep revisiting the same spot, so we aim to create uniquely unforgettable experiences featuring all the best highlights of the region within R.E.A.C.H. goals!

Resté is not a travel booking agency, but rather a boutique experience curation company. We only offer a handful of specifically planned events created for our travelers annually.

Find out more about who we are and what R.E.A.C.H. means to us and our criteria for creating the most perfect Getaways!


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JANUARY 22ND-28TH 2024


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OCTOBER 15TH-24TH 2024

from $2799 | only $400 Deposit to Reserve

from $2799 | only $400 Deposit to Reserve

january 20th-29th 2025

from $2199 | only $400 Deposit to Reserve

from $2199 | only $400 Deposit to Reserve

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nz waitlist

march 2025

october 2025

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Why Choose Resté?

Our Motto is to r.e.a.c.h. for your dreams but what does that really mean to us?

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We use the word R.E.A.C.H. as an acronym representing five important aspects of any Resté Getaway that we aim

to include in each of our uniquely curated experiences. Having the opportunity to include each of these is paramount in deciding whether this is a location we wish to offer our travelers.

Aside from creating a getaway that includes R.E.A.C.H we also consider other various factors including:

  • *Accessibility for differently abled & aged women
  • Local Laws & Protections both for women & members of the LGBTQIA Community
  • Traveling during more desirable seasons, either peak or shoulder seasons for ultimate comfort & affordability
  • Areas & regions that are accessible via major airports & not too remote however removed from cities & urban areas
  • Regions that are close to nature & cultural centers that are of significance in that country
  • Ethical tours & experiences that support local ecosystems & do not exploit the local habitat, people or animals
  • Host resorts that allow us to exclusively book the property for our travel group

*We cannot guarantee or promise that our vacations will be fully accessible as there are not many countries that adhere to laws such as the ADA Requirements that are enforced across most of the United States & some other Western nations., but with our own physical limitations in mind we do our best to find the least dangerous or physically demanding itinerary & host venues.

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Meet The Team

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René Cosby

Co-Founder & Sales Director

Customer Service

Social Media Communications

René Cosby, wife & partner of Celeste Barbier since 2005, is the co-founder of Resté Getaway For Women.

When she’s not traveling, René is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master & Massage Therapist as well as a gifted visual artist creating vibrant & unique, highly complex & whimsical works of art on canvas, usually with various types of animals as her subject matter. Healing, art & relaxation are her greatest joys in life.

René had not traveled much prior to her relationship with Celeste, however that quickly changed. Although reluctant at first, she soon fell in love with various forms of traveling around the world.

As our primary point of contact for sales & social media communications, René is happy to answer your questions about any of our upcoming Getaways or find the right answers for you. She is highly accessible via phone, text, Facebook & email contact. She will go above & beyond to make sure that each traveler has all the info they need.

René enjoys relaxing more than anything, especially in or near the pool or a body of water. She loves warm, tropical climates & watching wildlife & making friends wherever she goes. You’ll usually find René in the pool or taking fun selfie & group photos on her phone with everybody she meets so they remember how much fun they had together!

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Celeste Barbier

Co-Founder & Travel Curator

Content Creator

Entertainer, Emcee & Hostess

Celeste Barbier, wife & partner of René Cosby since 2005, is the s co-founder of Resté Getaway For Women.

When she’s not traveling, Celeste is a full time vocal performer & sound healer in Southern California. She performs at various venues, weddings, corporate events & for non-profits across the San Diego region & beyond. She also creates powerful sound baths through frequency & vibrational medicine & science. You’ll also find her performing at least once on each Resté Getaway during a quiet dinner.

Celeste grew up traveling the world, as the daughter of a flight attendant. She realized this gave her a different perspective of the world & diversity of humanity than most other children. Having new cultural experiences amidst stunning landscapes & close encounters with wildlife are her favorite obsessions beyond music & she loves to share all of that with others.

With Resté, Celeste has finally embraced her lifelong vision & dream of being a facilitator to connect women through the exhilaration & joy of shared new foreign experiences. Her focus is to bring groups of women to various destinations in order to have intimate experiences with various cultures, nature, wildlife as well as openly embrace local spiritual & healing practices. Celeste’s primary intention is to create community by helping women CONNECT with the world & each other through shared experience.

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Vivian Perez

Founder & Owner of

Ladies Touch Travel & Events

Travel Coordinator

Vivian Perez is our business partner that has helped make our travel dreams come true with her vast experience & knowledge when it comes to women’s group travel.

Vivian helps us by taking Celeste’s “Wish List” and making it a reality. She coordinates & locks in our desired resort & itinerary as well as makes recommendations based on her professional industry experience.

After we agree & lock in our contracts with the resorts & tours, she then creates & maintains our WeTravel booking pages including the booking details, payments, updates & individual needs of each of our travelers. She keeps us organized as well as navigating any issues that may arise with our customers, venues & tour guides.

Vivian launched her women’s event company, Ladies Touch Events in 2006. A decade later, she expanded from women’s events to women’s travel in 2016 & has had numerous successful women’s trips around the globe creating safe travel options for queer women.

A long time friend in the queer women’s community, we met while attending events in Los Angeles. We launched our collaboration in 2022 with our maiden trip to Costa Rica. Vivian has proven to be our Travel Fairy Godmother helping make all our dreams come true & we could not have Resté without her valued experience & support from A-Z.

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Travel Testimonials

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Traveling with Resté Getaway For Women is not only a fun experience, but you know every detail has been considered to make your vacation phenomenal! Meals are planned out for the regional diet experience. The tours and activities are coordinated to experience the culture of the area. I totally enjoyed my trip to Costa Rica and the ladies I met on my trip made the trip over the top! I will recommend Resté Getaway For Women to all my friends. Enjoying Celestes beautiful voice was the cherry on top of my trip!! - Becky B.

Charleston, South Carolina

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I travelled to Costa Rica with Resté in May. I experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity to embrace the beauty of the country in a stunning boutique hotel set in the jungle. Celeste & René provided organized adventures, delicious local fare, and entertainment in the evenings. I travelled solo, but never felt alone. I made friendships that will last a lifetime, and plan to book my future getaways with Reste!

Definitely 5+ stars! - Jen M.

Madison, Wisconsin

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I was one of the few lucky women to join Resté Getaway for Women on their maiden adventure to Costa Rica. This is THE best vacation I have ever experienced. The resort accommodations were 5 star along with their locally sourced menu. Resté had arranged for a diverse group of excursions that really helped one experience the flavor of the region and most were included in the price. Most importantly, at least for me, this vacation was centered around health and wellness in a safe, all inclusive environment. I have made new friends that I will have for life. I have already signed up for my next adventure with Celeste and Rene as we are going to Bali in October of 2024. I can't wait! - Gina L.

Escondido, California

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Highly recommend considering and booking your next vacation with Resté Getaway For Women Travel! Just returned from their Costa Rica vacation and it was fantastic. Celeste Barbier and René Cosby really set the tone for a very friendly, positive, healthy-minded group of women to meet and spend the week participating in so many unique and fun things, including Celeste singing for us. They really put a lot of thought into selecting the places, activities, excursions and meeting local people. Talking with another traveler, we agreed that we felt like we made many new friends and in a safe space. - Leslie K.

Carlsbad, California

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I went on my first Resté Getaway with an open-mind & no expectations. I allowed myself to feel and experience this energy of love & healing that I really needed. I felt the presence of the universe cleansing my soul & healed my broken heart from the passing of my mother. With all of the beautiful energy of the women, love of Celeste & cacao facilitator, Andrea I was able to let go of my mother so she could enter the kingdom of the heavens. My heart was full of & happiness. I will continue to travel again with Resté Getaway For Women. I had an AMAZING experience with the women and the whole trip was phenomenal. Jeannie V.

Oceanside, California

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